The BEST way to prepare students for their careers is to EMPOWER them with FIRST-HAND EXPERIENCE from a working professional ON-SITE AT A COMPANY.

The What To Be Experience


Participants will also gain experience in the following
  • Leadership development
  • Networking skills
  • Interviewing skills
  • Organizational skills
  • Goal development


  • Updating your CV/Resume
  • Researching the selected companies and individuals to understand their businesses and roles
  • Completing a calendar for career exploration dates
  • Writing a letter of introduction to be emailed to each career mentor
  • Creating a list of interview questions for each career mentor
  • Writing a thank you letter to be emailed to each career mentor
  • Completing feedback for What To Be
  • Completion of What To Be Talks to Teens webinars


Learn the craft of business writing, including:
  • Letters of Introduction
  • CV/Resumes
  • Thank You Notes
“As a graduate of the University of NC at Charlotte, I feel the leadership skills that I have obtained from my life experiences and my chosen communities have given me a greater 
education than I could have obtained anywhere. I believe that I have and will continue to exert swells across the world. This is who I am.”

Sheila Brathwaite, Founder of What To Be
Our Team



Sheila Brathwaite

Sheila is the Founder of What To Be. A Brooklyn-based Advertising and Marketing Executive with over sixteen years of experience in managing influential global Omni-Channel Advertising and Marketing strategies of high profile brands, Sheila, a former high school English teacher has used her experience in education mentoring teams throughout her Advertising and Marketing career.

Sheila has a history of working for such noted Corporations as 20th Century Fox Films, along with successful client partnering with Universal Film Group, The Walt Disney Company, Viking River Cruises, The Westfield Group, Adidas and the Carolina Panthers. Sheila is a member of the National Association of Professional Women and Alpha Kappa Alpha, Inc.

While working in Ralph Lauren Advertising, Marketing and Public Relations, Sheila was nominated by Ralph Lauren Corporation and received the YMCA Black Achievers in Industry Award in 2011. This award is given to talented global corporate employees who achieve status in industry as a motivator and pacesetter for Black Youth. Upon receipt of the award, Sheila started the first Ralph Lauren Black Achievers Internship program for high school seniors. Sheila was recently named as one of the National Association of Professional Women's Woman of the Year.

It is through this spirit, after leaving Ralph Lauren in 2015, Sheila started What To Be, a 
501(c)(3) organization. Mentoring and coaching High School Student, Natasha Lane from Marymount School in New York City during the summer of 2015, Natasha had the opportunity to meet, interview and establish mentoring opportunities with the following organizations:

Cindy Olsen

Cindy has over 15 years experience as an operations finance director in the entertainment and tech industry, including various roles with Fox, E!, CNET and CBS. Previously she devoted much of her time in project management roles with several other charitable organizations including Habitat for Humanity, L.A.Works, the Grammy Foundation and Big Brothers Big Sisters. She currently serves as an environmental educator and board member of Sheldrake Environmental Center in Larchmont, NY. She is the mother of 2 and has been actively involved in their schools including Treasurer of Mamaroneck Community Nursery School, Committee Head of Murray Elementary School PTA, as well as several parent representative roles. She knows that it takes a village to raise a child and believes that What To Be carries that forward during a critical development point for our youth.

“What To Be is a great organization that fosters necessary professional skills such 
as interview prep, work experience, and organization, all while giving young individuals a chance to explore new fields. I think that the program does a great job of encouraging 
these skills while letting the participants pick and choose the job experiences that 
they would like to participate.”

Natasha Lane, NYC High School Student
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